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expensive lamps from Noritsu


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This is an original thread from the old forum.

From bryan

Does anyone else feel ripped off by the price of replacement lamps for the 2701 machine? I think they are probably the same for 2901's as well. They have a heat sink ceramic base fitted to the base of a standard lamp which, according to Noritsu, justifies their
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We have a 3001 and found the same problem.  In checking bulb catalogues, I have found a lamp which has the same specifications but without the leads.  I haven't found the courage to try one yet


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Here's a secret...

Looking for where Noritsu (apparently) gets their lamps?  (This is from an unconfirmed source)



Well I'll confirm it then Ushio is who makes Noritsu lamps. Can you get them direct.......I doubt it. Remember where is Noritsu gonna get more revenue? It ain't gonna come from machine sales so it's gonna come from us.

And I suspect that they are already working on making their machines more SSR than ever before.

SSR stands of Single Source Responsibility. What it really reads is.... I'm gonna bone you on this part cause I'm the only source.

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