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QSS-2901 compatible halogen lamp


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I believe it is manufactured by Phillips exclusively OEM for Noritsu.

Until Noritsu says, OK, they will not sell it to anyone else.

I wonder if they can be re-manufactured with a comparable lamp into the socket assembly.

FYI: they're about $204 USD now direct from Noritsu.

When we had our 2301, I was buying lamps for about $8.00 each compared to $30 from our paper/chem distributor.

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when checking this for the qss 3001 I found a few offers I'm sure this is would be similar for the 2901 (not that they use the same lamp).

If you dump a parts number I'll take a look around another set of eyes can't hurt :)

A little twisting with google turned out this:


Technotape is not selling directly to Denmark as they're locked into some agreement, but depending on what deals they have in your corner of the world they might "dance along" :)

Well as always .... negotiate hard else you get run over. If you need some direct translation direct negotiation I know a few native Russian speakers that may /may not be able assist (at least they ow me a couple of favors)


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davidlam / Dave S,

The 2901 lamp and the 2701 lamp seem very similar physically with almost identical voltage / wattage ratings.

Do you know if they are compatible ?

The 2701 lamps are a few bucks cheaper from other distributors.  ie: pfsny.com

their I061222 (2701) lamps are $124, but the I061219 (2901) lamps are $139.

Seeing that both are MLVA I would assume they are compatible, but without having them to physically inspect and measure, it is very hard to say either way.

Do you know if they are ?

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