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uniformity mp1600


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Depending on the size, cut the prints as per instruction. This shortens the set-up time as  otherwise the flatbed has to scan the whole sheet then register the critical part of the uniformity image. Prints don't have to be in numerical order as each print has a  unique (software detected) reference to it's position of exposure across the MLVA head.

No need to cut 12"

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Paper used for uniformity correction must be glossy. Any other type of surface will play havoc with the correction software. Irregular surface texture will be seen as uniformity artefacts so you may end up in a calibration loop trying to "dial" it in. Probably look worse than before you started.

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my uniformity is waaaayyy out of wack.  I had to use a data backup from another mp1600 to correct a problem of the printer turning out brown streaked prints after prints  of the same file.  Is there a setting in uniformity that makes a small correction (other than auto ) spo I can gradually recorrect?

thanks for your help!


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Yes there is a "coarse or fine" function for uniformity correction, it depends on how you set up the interface re attached.

Not recommended to load data from another MP1600, too many variables that can have unexpected consequences

I think you're in for a long day my friend. Should begin by calibrating the Microtek flatbed with your Q-60 target, Then start afresh by blowing away your Uniformity and Gamma data (initialise).

It's been a couple of years since I performed this myself and I'm sure there are others present here more intimate with the procedures who can better advise.

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Sorry Photocorp,  I meant Graphic....oppps!

Thanks for your help!  

Do you happen to know what happens to cause the prints to go brown and streaked after about 10 of the same file.  Several other labs had the same problem and the advise was to load a data backup from a different printer.  That did work and I can print hundreds of the same image, but I can't get uniformity to happen.  I'ts difficult for me to understand some of Noritsu's translations which complicates solving problems.

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