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9006 error on MP1600


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Filter wheels usually fail by self destructing big time, not always the case tho'. Remove the filter wheel and check all the filter elements  are in tact. The very early units did have issues with this error due to dust getting inside the sensor assy. The complete replacement Filter Wheel assemblies were sealed as well as the filter wheel componets being made more robust.  Ditto for the QSS29xx series.  Not sure if you can retrofit the QSS29 part to the QSS27, I know you can mod the QSS27 to QSS29, there were some very slight differences.

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The Noritsu do suggest replacing the driver PM-9 PCB with the Filter Wheel assy, but guess I (or my site owners) was just lucky as I never had to replace the PCB. Not that it would break the bank compared to the cost of the Filter Wheel device.

One might suspect the pcb has been taken out by the failure of the filter wheel if it has totally self destructed and siezed. I've seen the inside compartment of an MP1600 littered with CMY filter fragments, the aftermath of catastrophic "explosion".

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