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noritsu MP1600 paper advance jam


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we have an issue with paper jams in the exposure advance.

1. all sensors change state from light to dark.

2. all motors work in input/output checks.

3. all paper from 7"  advance and under advance ok

4. all paper larger than 7" advance jam at sensor #2 and exposure advance intrance rollers and do not feed you then receive error 6023-08 witch indacates failure of senser #3 to change state

5. it dose not matter what width paper you use

6. it dose not matter wich lane  A or B you use

7. we have even reloaded software with no change

as you can see I am verry deep in this issue any help or ideas????

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Thanks Dave S.  

We checked and made some small adjustments in the level, however there is no change in the major problem.  The surface of the first set of aluminum rollers (exposure advance front roller) have become worn and slick. (This machine only has 800 K prints produced.) Changes here have allowed the paper to move past the first rollers but there seems to be an electrical problem as well.

With all width papers and an advance less than 8 in. paper advance motors 2 and 3 start at the same time and motor 2 runs for approx. 4 seconds. 3 continuies to run till paper cleared.  With all paper widths and advances longer than 8 in. paper advance motor 2 starts and runs 1.5 seconds and paper advance motor does not start.  There is a notation in the service manual (5521-6) showing two different exposure advance operations based on the advance length where the dividing point is 202.9 mm.    We are now trying to figure out what signal starts the exposure advance process and how the two length operations are started different. If anyone has a 1600 operating correctly I would appreciate knowing what the start sequence is on paper advances longer than 203 mm. So we are getting closer to the soution.  Any other ideas?

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The fact everything works ok on prints under 7” means everything electronic is working correctly.

The software determines at what point the motors should start and stop based on print length. However it must get it’s timings from the various paper sensors.

Maybe because the entrance rollers are not gripping the paper the print is entering too far causing paper sensor 2 (SE72) & 3 (SE77) to be blocked at the same time.

The machine is expecting paper sensor 3 to be light while the paper is at sensor 2, and then for sensor 3 to turn dark as the rollers advance the paper.

Out of interest do the emulsion test prints go through ok?

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We did finally find the problem with the shorter papers being left sitting in the top of the exposure advance unit.  The rubber mounts between the MLVA head mounting base and the steel plate in the bottom of the machine were worn and the whole MLVA/exposure advance unit leaned toward the back of the machine.  This put the arms out of alignment with the exposure advance.  When the arms pulled the paper to the exposure advance the steel guides on the bottom of the arms held the top rollers open just enough to not allow the rollers to grip the paper. When we adjusted the bottom plate under the MLVA assymbly to compensate for the wear it corrected the issues. The only thing we could figure on the length of paper difference was the weight of the longer papers forced the edge down far enough to catch before the time out.  We have not had this jam problem for months now.  I would be happy to give more detail about this if you want to PM

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I got a problem with my noritsu qss 3201sd that was a paper jam. when i trying to print 12x10~12x18 sizes there was a paper jam.(paper magazine 305.0mm)

the same problem occurred 10x15(254mmx381mm).the other sizes nop.

in this situation i couldn't print 305mmx254mm/254mmx381mm

i checkedout  paper mag and no problem found. when the paper jam occurred the paper situated in ARM UNIT 1 area.

pls anybody can help me to solve this problem?

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