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qss 2901 parts will be discontinued


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Recently I received the warning message from JAPAN informing us that:

"...Official Announcement for discontinued spare parts from Noritsu Koki.

Please note, the spare parts for Noritsu QSS29 series will be discontinued from March 2012.

We afraid to stop and dead your machine caused by above reason.

If you have QSS2901 or QSS29 series, please order the spare parts ASAP such as Ink ribbon, gears, shafts, belts, bearings or lamps...."

I guess that is a good idea to buy an extra qss2901 as a parts source....

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Here's the schedule Noritsu sent out about a year or so ago:

Basically  8 years after the machine has been discontinued, parts will also no longer be available....

    23/24/25 series - no more parts available.

    26/27 series - no more parts after March 2010

    28 series - no more parts after March 2011

    29 series - no more parts after March 2012

It seems they're doing this to move more machines or at least try to move more machines.    

Once parts are no longer available, your "old" machine will be worth nothing for trade-in with Noritsu.  

One thing I would like to find out is: What 2901 parts are also used on other newer machines that can still be sourced after 2012 ?

   - Some parts will always be available because they're used on a lot of machines, ie: springs, crossover bushings, some gears, sensors, fiber cables,

   - What about Lamps, crossover rollers, lower rack rollers, shafts, gears, motors, pumps ?

   - Then you have very specific parts that will never be available such as : MLVA head, PCBs, LVDS/ARCNet cards, and ?

      (will your contacts in Japan still re-furb MLVA heads ?? .)

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