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qss2901 thin lines on prints


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Hello to all, need help with qss2901 that has 2 thin lines about 4mm apart on prints.I cleaned everything manually with a blower but the automatic cleaning of MLVA head terminates abnormally with error message 6053:exposure advance unit hold error.Thanks.

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And this pic for the location!

There was a mod for this which came out many years ago that addressed mechanical failures of this unit.

You can remove the motor from the Exposure Unit without having to perform open heart sugery but still very tricky. Tedious and labour intensive nonetheless, but you have to wind the unit  to its maximum forward (or was that rear?) travel, usaully by hand if it's now not functional, before you can get resonable access to the unit.

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hi there

I'd got the same issue that happened few days ago and still  delaying correct the problem.

but I found A200198-01 and A063288-01 bushing and wormshaft fixing boss at the bottom of the paper advance section.

this mean it loose out of the shaft.

try to  find out those two parts or check those two parts are hanging up to the shaft.


If someone knows how to replace the those two parts, : please show me.

Thanks again.  :)

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Hello everyone,had modem problems.Just removed fixing motor assembly and it has the same problem posted by tj.

A055063-01 and B014859-01 were bent out of shape resulting in the motor coupling becoming disconnected.Tj, fix the bushing on the shaft first.It has a flat side that fits into B014859-01.Fix the boss next.You will need a small Allen key ,about 1mm,to tighten it .Thanks.

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When i try to brush clean I've found torque limitter had been broken (H046027).

So do not try 20 times rewind to the backward.First time clean the head was fine after instal unit but it is not working  again.

So we should know more detail for the how to replace the unit.

If some one knows this please post it.


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