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qss 2611 line on picture VFP-8


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Hi people!

I have problem with line on digital picture when made on vfp-8.

What can I do that line disappear (vfp uniformity)?

Is it mehanical or softwear damage?

And, if someone have VFPHSE.EXE software can sand me, i been very thankful!

In attachment vfp-8 daily setup

Thanks all for answering !

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Hmmmmmm, very nice prints!  OK try this update. It's version 1.04 for the 8.0-inch along with the relevant pdf instruction. Now supports  Windoze XP(?).

Also have VfphSE.exe but I think you might find that's for the 4.0inch. I forget, it's been soooooo long since I had anything to do with these devices, let me know.

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Good one Colopt! very astute observation..........

Zoomed in on your sample prints and they show signs of banding (across the image). For your uniformity   to be  effective you'll need to rectify that issue first as the correction software may not be able to handle these aberrations. These are mechanically induced.

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I two days try scan uniformity print but always uniformity program eject two message,

generally  something like Re-align and scan again or something RGB.. (-3)... a little get mad...

I spin foto in scanner  on all side...

Where I be wrong?

When open Photoshop (7.0) uniformity print like that

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Thanks Dave, I advance find your post and I do like you describe, but not carefully  :o

You describe what make when program put some massage I don't see  ;)

Tomorrow goo easy from scratch.

You say that make two buck-up on Uniformity correction one go in archive and second

put in PC to write the corrections when finish, correctly?

Or put in PC formated FDD to write the corrections?


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Yes make 2 floppy disks of the uniformity data, this is so you can start again if it all goes wrong. The first disk is just to keep should everything go wrong.

The second disk use to write the corrections to.

After it scans the print successfully it will ask you for the floppy disk to write the data to, use the second disk for this.

ON the VFP 8 software it does not have the select density over 2.1; this is only on the VFP 4 software.

Make sure you are using 203mm or better still 210mm width of paper.

Scan in the print at 1500dpi.

If you are using 203mm paper make sure the image is in the centre of the paper. There are some lines that mark the centre on the uniformity print; measure from this to the edge of the paper, both sides should be equal.

If they are not equal the VFP unit will need to be adjusted by moving the position of the plug block (Normally it needs moving forward) that is fixed to the machine behind the VFP unit.

What flatbed scanner are you using? Some flatbed scanners do not seem to work well with this uniformity software.

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As an addendum to Dave S, the QSS26 uniformity corrections originally were executed on a Microtek X6. In Sydney we used to have one at the Noritsu office  for such untertakings. Positioning of the print on the scanner platten  was found to be fiddly, but more critical was the defined area for the scan and calculation. When you "draw" around the image if it is not exactly in the right position then problems with start lines present.

After much stuffing around we created a cardboard template for the scanner bed which made life a lot easier....not perfect but an improvement in the amount of time we had to waste on this exercise.

I have done uniformity on an old Agfa 50e  scanner also.

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hy guys

you're stucking somewhere you should first set the scanner to 600 DPI it give's a good resolution so the fine lines on the prints are easy to read.

Then make sure you have cyan color of your scanned image on the left hand then in either the flatbet scanner setting or photoshop increase by three

or five the lihgt and the contrast to make the image brighter and try.If you've done well everything may be ok and you'll have a result

good luck

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You cannot use the cannon scanner if the scan resolution is only 1200 dpi.

When you scan in the print make sure you have a 3-5mm white border around the test print.

Have you checked the image is central on the paper?

If you still can’t get it to read, you may need to try with another scanner, I’ve used Epson scanners in the past without any problems.

Unfortunately there is no one single solution; it is trial and error really.

Try making the print lighter or darker.

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I succeed ! Finally today afternoon; during instructions Dave S! Ths

But now I have next problem  :o When Density data result  appear and click OK program (version 1.04) was crush and some error "...this program ilegal operation and shut down..."

Down button "OK" and "cancel" write "The FD containing LUT data is required to make correction"   but on my FD (2 buck-up on Uniformity correction) don't containing this LUT data  :o

only one dat (I think something VFP.)... What now, where I find this LUT dat??? ??)

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On the machine go to Menu, Extension, Maintenance, Various Adjustments, VFP Unit Adjustment, Shift Yes, Put a formatted floppy disk into the machines disk drive, pick Write Uniformity correction. Do the same thing onto the another floppy disk for backup use. The file written should be called VFPH0014.dat

Use this disk when it asks for FD containing LUT data.

Then you will need to read the floppy disk back in to the machine to correct the VFP data. By going to Menu, Extension, Maintenance, Various Adjustments, VFP Unit Adjustment, Shift Yes Read Uniformity Correction.

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Maybe your computer is not powerful enough to run the software.

Try increasing the amount of RAM. I would say the minimum you need is 1GB of RAM.

Close down all the programs you are not using including Photoshop.

Check that there is enough free space on the hard drive.

Check the size of the Windows page file is not too small.

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hy everybody

very sorry to bring back a solved issue it's just Im in trouble with vfp_8

i've scanned the uniformity print several time but no way

the message is No:007 REALINE THE PRINT ON THE FLATBET SCANNER pls what

can i do?

my computer DELL server 1500GB XEON PROCESSOR WITH 512MB MEMORY








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Hi dear Sir

I have read your answer about how to make an uformity step by step..

can you send me more details about how to make it,

i tried to make it by following the instructions , but im still not  understanding how we can calculate the results we got after the correction ..i mean "Density data result". so which one of the value should i base on it???.

i know that for VFP8 , we have to scan with 1500dpi, an save as BMP

but all i need is to understand how we calculate the value we got after the correction

exemple : sometimes: i got  in Value Min

C   120,M  136,Y  126

and so on for Value Max.

thanks for advance..

im wondering if you can send me the answer by email at : marmare39@gmail.com or etoiledekarim@hotmail.com

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