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mixing chemical for qsf v30


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I recently obtained a V30 used for my shop but without any instruction whatsoever on how to mix the chemical or how much.  We currently have a QSS Micro we call the dinosaur.  I am a new shop owner and have very little knowledge of the machine but my employee knows how to run the dinosaur but not mix the chemical.  Can anyone help us out?  Much appreciate any help. Thanks!


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FIRST You'll need some developer starter

then you can read the instructions on the side of the chemical box (or on a paper inside the box)

Just know:

    "Working Tank" = the chemicals that the film goes through

    "Replenishment Tank" = the chemicals in the bottom of the machine that gets pumped up to the "working tank".

You should be able to figure it out.  It's not rocket science, worst case, call your chemistry supplier as they will be more than happy to help (they usually are).

Also very useful to have a 10 liter mixing jug and a bunch of graduated cylinders for measuring exact amounts of water and chemistry.  (20ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 1L, 5L)

also see this:http://www.minilabhelp.com/forum/Blah.pl?m-1258931697/s-2/highlight-chemical+mix/#num2

It's similar, but you're smart, and you'll figure it out.

If not, ask and we'll try to help as best we can.

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What brand of chemistry are you going to use?

The boxes will have the measuring/mixing instructions on them, but you should be able to get help from the chemical supplier as well.

The well known brands will have details on their websites.

You will need Dev, Dev Starter, Bleach, Bleach starter, Fixer and stabiliser. as well as mixing bottles or something that is graduated up to 10L.

I also presume your V30 is configured for standard C41 chemistry, and not Kodak SM like a lot of them were.

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