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Help help help with Qss2611 4' vfp uniformity


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Please please please..I 'm looking for any help with step by step on uniformity the 4'VFP unit. I have read/look through manuals after manuals for QSS 2611 from Noritsu but no prevail in locating any infomation on VFP 4' head. I have located the uniformity software and calibration reference chart. Every thing stop here because I can't find any instrutcion guide to uniformity the VFP 4' head.Any help on this matter is greatly aprreciated. Thanks in advance.


email: j20f@shaw.ca

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Hi John, any Photoshop version will be ok (used to use ver 5 or 6)

Enable service mode on the 2611.

Load 5" paper into magazine A, (not 4" as VFP is larger than 4" paper) remove magazine from Mag B if you have a double mag unit. Select the appropriate print channel and form channel preferably 5" for print & index.

1. Go to Menu, Extension, Maintence, Various Adjustments, VFP Unit Adjustment, Shift Yes

Put a formatted floppy disk into the machines disk drive, pick Write Uniformity correction. Remove disk when done. Do the same on another disk; keep this disk as a master copy just in case of any problems during the correction process.

Now go to 1 as above, pick Uniformity print, machine should now print a Y,M,C print. Make sure print is clean with no chemistry spots etc, if not re-print until clean.

Now scan print into Photoshop @600dpi, 24bit colour depth all automatic corrections turned off. Allow 5mm of white around the coloured/ black part of the image. Cyan should be on the left hand side of the screen when opened in Photoshop. Make sure print is straight, if not re-align and scan again.

Now in Photoshop go to image, adjustments, levels, click the black dropper then click on a black part of the print, then do the same with the white dropper clicking on a white part of the print. (You

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Dear Friends....

I know (a lot !!) on how to do uniformity .. i have doing three or more times at once with no error.  Keep in mind you must be organized and very concentraded (?!) or not distracted by anything !!!  

What i do is have a bunch of diskettes and record on two of them an latest unifomity from 2611 and another disk the same but ON THIS DISKETTE YOU ARE GOING TO SAVE THE NEW RESULRS FROM THE COMPUTER.

I like also to grab (print screen) of the results coming from UNIFORMITY SOFTWARE... why ?  Just for to be sure that the results are getting better !!!

Say that you get a good result but you want more .. but and if the next uniformity you don

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