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3502 stripes


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I got alot of these lines running all over the paper, regardless of size and paper type, its always inline with laser, and variable in width.

Techninican tried replace a "known problem" (belt on stepper motor to exposure drive), did not help :(

They have no good answer to me, and machine is only 1,5 year (they tell me they are working on a solution..)

ANyone know what this can be?

See attached. picture.

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JVC 1986,I have dealt with similar problems on QSS 3011 , QSS 3300 and 3311,I think you should try this.Replace all the bearing on

the Idle Pulley and the Advance Drive Pulley.These small bearing undergo a lot of pressure and break down as the lubricant inside

loose it's viscosity.Once this starts happening, the Pulley and the Advance Drive Pulley shafts no longer turns flawless,hens that slight

hitch will result in those lines on the prints. A lot of times turning those shafts with your hands will never reveal the problem as it's

difficult to feel the flaws in the bearing. Another reason also can be the tension on the "Idle Pulley Belt"

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