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Noritsu QSF-430L

juan thomas

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Help, I have a Noritsu QSF-430 that won't power up.  When I flip on power switch I get a series of boxes on display, the motor will turn if I turn on motor switch but nothing else will function, I can manually turn on agitation pumps by holding the breaker in.  Noritsu teenage tech is no help, says it's mother board.  I get no lights on relay board and all but bottom two light up on main board.

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If you need a replacement main CPU board, I have a spare from a 430L machine. You can have it for the cost of postage if you need it.

It was working about 2 years ago when it was taken out of a 430L so it should still be ok.

Let me know if you want it - its there if you need it, and I'm happy to help other lab owners out, rather than try to take advantage of your problem and sell you something.

If anyone else needs a CPU board, they can wait until you have decided what you want to do - it is NOT available to anyone to onsell to someone else.

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