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Noritsu 2901SM parts compatible with 2901 RA ?

Big Dave

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Hey guys,

I know someone getting rid of a 2901SM (dead MLVA).  How much of it can I use on my "regular" 2901 (RA) ?

particularly, the Image Processing PCB / Digital ICE pcbs, etc are they compatible ?

Which parts aren't compatible ?

Is it worth spending money on it ?

Thanks in Advance !

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Having a quick look at the parts manual, The SMP-1700 print engine is the same, only difference will be the wet end for PP1216 or PP1216SM, bellows pumps and SM tray etc, racks have some different  roller  types, XO's same. SM chemistry has shorter processing time than RA.

If you wish to compare for yourself Parts List (about 12mb download) for both SM and RA processors are here:


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Photocorp, Thanks for that.  

I'm not too concerned with the Paper Processor section.

If the printer section is the same and I can strip the PCBs, like the Image Processor & Digital ICE PCBs, then that's great.

Mine's got some issues, and this would take care of most of them if they're the same, and they're working.

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Whoohoo !  (dance)     It's going to be delivered on Monday !  Looking forward to getting the replacement Image Processing & Digital ICE PCBs !

It's also going to be nice to have the extra set of XOs and rollers and stuff.

(peepwall1)  Anyone needing any parts from the wet part of a 2901SM ??

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