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QSS3001 Color Shifts to Magenta, then Green...HELP


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Dear ALL, I am seeking your expert advice.

My 3001 began to show color shift from normal (from 1st daily setup) to overall magenta cast. Redoing daily setup, the problem appears to be corrected, but only just. After printing some prints, the cast shifts back to a green-yellow cast. Redoing the daily setup corrects this. This problem is repeating itself.

My questions:

1) Is it the Green AOM or Red AOM causing this?

2) How can I remediate this problem?

3) If replacement is imminent please suggest a cheaper source than from Noritsu.

Many thanks.

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Since your blue laser doesn't seem to be affected try switching the green and the blue aom drivers and see if the problem changes to a blue/yellow color. If so you can found the problem. These aom drivers are known for failing intermittently being affected by temperature. Look in the classifieds section for a company that can repair it in one day. They are called National Laser Co.

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THANKS ALL for your professionalism and suggestions.

My problem is, at this moment, fixed.

First my apologies for staying away for quite a few days. Initially there was no response for 2 days, so I have taken a dive into the belly of 3001. I disconnected all the wiring/cables, unmounted all 3 AOMs and "reversed" engineering... with no swapping of the AOMs. While there, I also dusted and vacuumed accomodated dust.  After that I did an initial setup.

So far, so good.

I will certainly look up SPectrum Colours, National Laser Co, MInilablaser and JOshi, and possibly all others, if and when the problem arises. Our local Noritsu office of course was not so pleased as I wasn't ready to part a big chunk of money for the AOM.... I have good response from Japan, whose AOM is very affordable too.

Many thanks.

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