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End of roll 12" bent corners and or crease on 3411


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When my 34pro machine runs low on 12" on both decks (B) and ©, the first print comes out with a bent corner. Sometimes every other 12" print has a bent corner. This cause jams, especially the first cutting that comes before the actual print. Now 6" on deck (a) once in a blue moon has a bent corner. This is a new issue. What ever the problem is, it may be getting worse??? It happens on 8x12's and 12x18's. 11x14's don't seem to have the same issue. Also, I get a deep crease in 12x36 panoramas creasing where the corners gets bent. So I have to print several and hope all is well when they come out. I had a tech work on it for many hours and it seemed fine so he left. So when 12" ran low again, it ran into the same problems again. Any and all advice is welcome!!!!! ;D

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I think you will find that this is happening between the 1st and 2nd CD rack at the under solution level turn guide. The 34 has 2 Dev and Bleach racks and has dummy turn guides but the exit of one and the entry to the 2nd does the same thing.

Check the condition of the rollers they swell up, also the bearings, talk to your supplier their may be a modified guide plate depending on serial number.

It tends to start by putting a ding in the leading edge of 12 inch paper slowly getting worse till it starts to fold over the corners normally on the drive side. it will then start to damage the prints on duel lane printing again on the drive side.

If its none of this then you are back to curly paper hitting something in the dry side of the printer

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