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VFP 8 Head make Scretches on Pictures, Please Help


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Dear Members of Minilabhelp website. Please Help me. I have a problem with my VFP 8 Head.

I have Noritsu2611 & VFP8, VFP 8 head recently make Scretch on Pictures. I know may be just few people use this type of hybrid machines, but please help me. I need your help. I heard that have some special Software which recover the head, like recover it to Default, or bring it to Factory Callibration. By floppy, using that software we can resolve that problem.

Do you know about that? Please give me some information. How can i solve that problem. My 2-nd question is, VFP 8 is very slow digital printing device. Per 1 hour, just 60 pictures. But anyway now i have no other choice. For future i want to make it more faster, I know by Carrier can Improve it. Could you give me some reccomendation? What to do to improve my Noritsu 2611 on digital part?

Thanks in Advance!

My warm regards


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