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qsf v30 high contrast


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by the way i put the cd with out starter do you think this is the cause

Yes, this is the reason why your films are coming out with the high contrast.

Function off the starter is to lower the contrast when making new tank solution so in that way it would be closest to the working solution (seasoned) chemistry.

I had same problem like this but with the old starter, and after checking the chemistry with the control strip it was obvious that there is to much contrast, but after changing the chemistry two times, nothing was changed, and after trying third time, at that point I (the customer) run out off the old starter, and we open the new starter bottle, everything was OK.

After spending few hours in that shop and testing the chemistry with control strips at least five times, I decided never to fill the new tank if starter is OLD (opened and more then 1 year OLD).

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oky how i know if my prosser film is sm or c41

With SM machines the replenisher comes in two boxes called F1 and F2 which are installed under the left hand side of the machine.

With standard C41 machines you mix each replenisher separately.

The machine will probably have SM written on the side.

I reckon you need some starter and some control strips!

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