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MESSAGE 1801-0080 ON QSS-3101


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Let me tell you about it:

When I try to upgrade the software of imagen processing PCB, it does not load completely, sometimes 4%, other 65%, 22%, 9% and so on. The thing is that it stops loading in any place and Abnormal termination occurs.(even in correction PCB with 0%)

There is not comunication problems on the version display, all are ok, but no version is displayed for imagen processor PCB and correction PCB.

Thank you for any help about this matter.

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It is beacuse of Optical fibre cable. Remove Optical fibre cable abd cut it's end with a sharp knife if you dont have fibre cable cutter with you. reinsert  and it will be fine.

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Also small peices of the cladding for the fiber optic can be floating around inside the connector end. The best way to ensure that there are not pieces in the connectors is to remove the board and hold it in such a way that the loose pieces will fall out and shake and tap the board to help them. Never blow or stick anything in the opening of the connector.

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Things you can try before condemning the image processing PCB.

There is usually a free set of ARCNET ports on the back of the PC, try connecting the image processing PCB directly to the PC instead of going through the ARCNET hub.

There are 3 large memory modules and 2 smaller ones, on the image processing PCB. Remove and re-fit them one by one.

Remove the 2 image correction PCB's attached to the image processing PCB and re-fit them again.

If it still will not upgrade the software, either the fibre optic cable/s are damaged, or there is dirt inside the fibre optic ports, or there is a problem with the image processing PCB, possibly a faulty flash memory chip.

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