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Noritsu 3212 ARCNET Errors


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Once in a while, on our Noritsu 3212,  we get a communication error.  Lately it’s been happening every day.  If it’s not a communication error the scanner unit freezes when we are scanning or printing (stuck on “outputting”, but nothing happens and no error message pops up so we force quit).  On the printer door, the red light stays on and every time you try to print or change print channels it still says outputting order, but nothing is happening.  Some times opening and closing the printer door fixes the problem.  Other times we have to reboot several times.  The freezing during outputting happens during all kinds of processes: during printing from negatives or digital or scanning negs to a network hard drive.

There is no number when we get the communication error.  It’s a very generic message and says to call a technician.

Other issues - Once in awhile our light source update takes about 25 minutes.  It should be about 2 minutes.

Machine was not moved.

Looked at my Error Logs.  A lot of them have "Force shutdown" where we had to kill the program to get out of it.  Other types of messages this past week...

6901-0008 ARCNET Communication Error Processor

6901-0080 ARCNET Communication Error Image Processing PCB

6901-2000 ARCNET Communication Error D-ICE Control PCB

5429-5000 System Error (AFC Scanner Control PCB)

Anyone know what can be causing this?

thanks - Paul

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The ends of the fibre optic cables are dirty causing poor communication on the ARCNET network.

The solution is to remove each fibre optic cable and trim the ends off with a very sharp blade or use a special fibre optic cutter, then re-fit each fibre optic cable back into the appropriate port.

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I vacuumed the dust out of the scanner unit and the scanner desk.  It's been working pretty good for the past couple days, until today.  We are not getting error messages, but the machine stops responding.  Clicking on the "order" button does nothing. Clicking on the function button pops up a message saying "outputting".   The printer door's red light is on, but the printer is not printing.  Opening and closing the door will give a paper jam message and there are always two pieces of paper between the back print and the laser.  Closing the printer door you can hear a loud thunk coming from the magazine area.  This has been happening every 60 prints or so.

Two sheets of paper just stop right after the back print and before the laser.

Once in a while I used to get ARCNET errors, but not the past few days.

I also checked out "System Version Check" and most of everything has a "-", but then switches to "OK" for 30 seconds and back to the "-".  (Image Processing PCB and so on...)  Colorimeter and Netorder don't change - just say OK.

Is cutting and cleaning the Fiber Optic Cables easy or could I do more damage.  Should I call a Tech for that?

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Cutting the fibre optic cables without the special cutter can be a bit problematic.

Sometimes touching them can make it worse, other times it will sort out the problem!

There is no black or white yes no answer!

If you are not confident in doing it, best leave the job for a Tech.

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