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Paper Cutter Blade

Big Dave

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How often should the cutter blade be replaced ?  It's not a smooth cut, but a bit jagged - can these be sharpened and re-installed ?  Or just buy a new one and replace ?

When we cleaned our 2901 Integrator section, on the PDF (someone had kindly sent me) it said to clean it once a year.

Reading through the service manual, it tells you HOW to perform the service, but not WHEN or HOW OFTEN.

So... What other items should be regularly replaced or cleaned ?  

(other than the simple things like lamps, back print ribbons and chemistry.)

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Cutter blade life is really based on how many prints that have been cut, and the thickness and size of paper being cut.

I would not recommend trying to get the blades sharpened, as this will remove the hardening, meaning the blades would soon get blunt again. It is best to replace the whole unit.

Check that the jagged edges are actually being caused by the cutter blade. As the problem can be caused by bad rollers etc in the wet section and dryer.

The manual says after 1,500,000 prints or approx every 2 years.

Have a look at section 8011 of the service manual.

Also have a look at the maintenance manual here http://hotfile.com/dl/45202182/7a97dae/EN29MAI_1.pdf.html

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