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my 2301 very slow(it print 1000 cards in 14hrs)


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i have a 2301 noritsu printing machine that had began very slow, i some time print 1000 cards in 14hrs. the next is that i have an automatic zoon lens that are not connected but i am using manuel lens.

i also have noritsu 2600 that have color failure problems. when printing the color changes.

i also have noritsu 1202 that keep giving me program timer imformation and i am unable to print.  

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For the 2301, it is possible that because the zoom lens is not connected it will slow down the internal communication network (ARCNET) because it will be constantly looking for the zoom lens.

For the 2600 check the dichroic filter unit, make sure the filters slide in and out easily, if necessity put some polish on the slider shafts. Check the bushes (normally a light brown colour) that the filters slide in are in a good condition, over time they can distort causing the filter operation to be stiff. Also replace the lamp base if it is very old.

For the 1202, possibly a failure of the multi power supply that sits above the CPU, I/O PCB rack.

Without actually seeing the machines it is very difficult to give you anything more than guess work really!  

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Have you checked the operation switch is good?

Do you have 100V AC going into PS1?

Do you have all of the correct voltages coming out of PS1?

V1-G1 = +5V DC

V2-G2= +12V DC

V3-G2= -12V DC

Do you have 100V AC going into PS2?

Do you have 5V DC coming out of PS2 on plug J/P34?

What actually happens when you turn on the operation switch?

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