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Print Resolution of Noritsu 3702 HD


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My studio plans to buy a new printer and we've got 2 choices:

Noritsu 3702HD and Fuji Frontier LP 7500.

Configuration of both printers are close except the print resolution of Noritsu is 640 x 640 dpi while Fuji only got 300 x 600 dpi.

Does it really make a great difference and why can't Fuji catch up with that over the past 2 years?

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For the past two years Noritsu has been manufacturing Fuji printers. From what I have gathered they will not sell the higher resolution to Fuji so as to keep the competitive advantage associated with the Noritsu name. It doesn't make sense to me but that is what I have heard from people in the know.

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He's quite right. We bought a 3702HD in December 09. Went over to Noritsu in Japan for training. Noritsu is manufacturing both the Frontier wet labs as well as their inkjet versions.

Between the 37 series of Noritsu and the 75 series of "frontier" there is absolutely no difference except for the colour of the panneling of the machine, and of course the Frontier being  limited to 300dpi. Fuji has still retained their software and your major difference might be there.

300dpi vs 600dpi , I wouldn't be able to tel the difference. The 37 machine is lovely though and offers the best print quality thus far by Noritsu. I also love the ability to run more than one Ez Controller through to the system.

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