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v30 manuals + chemistry


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Have just replace the old Noritsu 430 film processor with a V30.  However, as it's a used machine so have no manuals at present.  Do I just make up chemistry for machine as for the 430?  We use Kodak chemistry so at present planning to fill v30 with the same chemiscals as the 430 used.  Just want to be familiar with what v30 needs

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thanks fro advice so far, have used the c41 chemistry we used on the 430 and it seems to work fine, good neg densities etc.  Made solutions as for 430, filling replenisher tanks first with standard solutions and filled CD tank with developer + starter but with volume of dev that we used with 430.  Starter included at the right ratio and then the mix added to the CD tank.  You know what I mean

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I have just received my Noritsu QSF-V30 and have also bought 

Kodak Flexicolor LU Developer Replenisher LORR 

Kodak Flexicolor Developer Starter LORR 

Kodak Flexicolor RA Bleach Replenisher 

Kodak Flexicolor Bleach Starter 

Kodak Flexicolor RA Fixer Replenisher  

Kodak Flexicolor Final Rinse 
And am wondering if anyone has information on mixing and filling the tanks correctly? Very stupid question but i have gone from developing at home to starting a business. 
Kind Regards 
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