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Kodak papers profiles for Fuji Frontier LP7700

Carlos Mayer

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Hello Everybody

Firstly, I don't confuse posting in the Noritsu chapter instead Fuji one! I post here because perhaps my problem would be solved by non-specific brand technicians and the issue belongs mainly to paper providers.

In concrete, I bought recently a Fuji Frontier LP7700 but it came only with Fuji Crystal paper profiles. The technicians don't know where to find the Kodak papers profiles so, meanwhile I look for them, I use Kodak papers editing the Crystal profile but results are not of a good quality.

Could anybody help me with this issue? where could I find the Kodak profiles for this printer? Is there any site where to download them from? Who is the responsible for publishing the paper profiles? The paper or the minilab manufacturer?

Thanks in advance!

Carlos Mayer


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I WOULD LIKE FIRST TO APOLIGEIS FOR MY BAD ENGLIS – I WILL TRY TO GIVE YOU ANSWER ON YOUR Question: You can practically use whatever you like but you must have Gretag Macbeths Eye-One PRO (I use this product) you can read on http://www.xrite.com/product_overview.aspx?ID=812   also you can find many ICC profiles on this and other web sites ICC color profiles. My suggestion is that the best way to make perfect prints – monitor calibrating and printer etc.  I can help you with software but you mast have Eye-One PRO and you will be satisfied without to need any technical support in the future – I will help you to have the right software to make everything that you need with this product .

I must tell you – I have many ICC I can send you but the best way is that you must make your own color calibrated profile for perfect production .

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