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Noritsu 2901 MLVA problem


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So does it appear on enlargements?. If it is every second 4x6 then you should be able to see which side of the machine it is on. This could give you a short term fix while you make your choices and pursue repair options. The printer runs 2 pieces of paper at the same time. If the mark is far enough over to the outside of the print you could change the setting from 2 tracks to center lane printing. This will run the paper down the middle path of the printer and possiblely avoid the mark on the print. On the mp1600 this is under spepcial settings. It is probably available on the 2901 as well. If 6 inch paper is too wide measure the spot and see if running 4 inch wide paper would help.

As well have you done a head cleaning? We started out\r machine this morning and had a white line on prints. We had forgotten to do a manual head cleaning last night. We do this everyday (except last night).

Cleaning the light source as mentioned earlier is a good idea.  large enough chunk of dust could cause this problem. Did it occur suddenly in the middle of the day or was it there on morning from startup?

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The good news is, you do not need to replace your MLVA.

You have a banding problem.

This is caused by paper not traveling smoothly through the different sections/rollers. An "invisible line" will appear perpendicular to the paper travel.

You must call a tech to make some adjustements in your advance unit depending on the size and position of the banding.

I hope this helps.



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The fault started half way through the day.

I can not see any adjustment for which track to use.

The head cleaning/uniformity dont work.

The white line is on every type of paper size, except 4"/6" paper printed 9" or longer using the centre track.

On a 6x4" print the line goes across the 4" part so I think that means "not parallel but perpendicular"?

Many thanks.


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There is no single track setting on the 2901.

It does sound like a MLVA head fault.

In service mode there is a mode to completely initialize the MLVA data and create new data from scratch, using uniformity pattern 2, 3, 4 then 1. If this does not work, the problem will most likely be with the MLVA head itself.

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Hi Roy,

Here some piece of useful info for you.

Download the file and perform all procedures.

Report the result.


If you will not be able to have your MLVA unit working well (after using our recommendation given in file that we have sent) - it needs to be replaced or repaired.

We have good experience in it.

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No this problem will not be related to one of the fibre optic cables.

On the 2901 MLVA the fibre optic strands are arranged in a random fashion, so if there is say a blob of dust stuck on the lamp end of the fibre optic cable

the uniformity lines would all be in different places rather than grouped together.

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