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Moving 2901 ... how to split into two


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I've never taken apart our 2901, but I think you would have similar numbers of screws and connections in similar locations.  There is also (i think) a fiber optic cable going from the printer to the processor section.

Only hard thing would be removing the keyboard shelf (if you had to remove it).  Remove the cowling, and look for 2 or 3 big bolts, and disconnect the cables for the keyboard, mouse and colorimeter.

I have an image available, but unfortunately I'm at home... sorry.

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Thanks for that, we were on a deadline to get it out of the store before the shopping centre opened, so the machine is now in two pieces and away from the store.

Not sure we followed the strict procedure but managed to get there one way or another without too much blood and chemical being spilt!

Will read carefully for next time!

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