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used minilabs


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Hi steveeqn1

you don't list your location so you don't make it easy for any potential lab sellers.

If you are in UK I have a great Noritsu 3001 Twin magazine, with EVERYTHING, full platinum service since new, 11 paper mags, all the carriers etc

available from Monday 5th July 2010

pm me if you are interested.


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I am thinking about buying a used Fuji Frontier or Noritsu minilab. questions:

a) Are there any other places to find used equipment other than ebay/craigslist?

B) If I buy it used, I can still get it serviced by Fuji, right?

c) did noritsu buy fuji?

a. Ebay is the cheapest way of purchase but not the best. You should buy only a refurbished lab from a specialized company with corresponding technical background.

If you buy almost a new lab (age is less than 1 year) - guarantee will cover all expenses for parts untill guarantee end and then you will have to maintain it by yourself.

b. You will have to deal a contract with Fuji (if you buy a FUJI lab) or with Noritsu (if you buy a Noritsu lab). I doubt that Noritsu will support Fuji and vise versa. But things may change now.... Ask them.

c. I heard about it. But I did not read any docs confirmed this rumors.

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steveeq1, What part of Los Angeles ?

Noritsu is in Buena Park and Fuji is in Cypress.  Noritsu didn't buy Fuji (they're too large), but they do make Fuji's new hardware.  Fuji got out of building the wet/dry labs, and just has their software on the Noritsu built labs.

Although, I could see Fuji buying Noritsu in the future, seeing as they make everything else (cameras/paper/chemistry/etc...) It's kind of interesting how they decided to quit building their own mini-labs.

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