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2611 D8 uniformity

alex fv

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Hello everybody! I'm new at this site. I need Help.

I have a QSS 2611 with VFP8, ScanMaker X6 EZ Mall2-5.

I buy this minilab in 2006 Jul. I had only minor problem.

So I have a few questions to respected members of this forum.

We have tried uniformity and my technician tried a lot of things but he also could not figure out what is wrong. Anyone had the same problem?! Some solutions maybe?!

I three days try scan uniformity print but always uniformity program eject two-three message,

generally  something like “Error 007.Re-align print on scanner” or something “Error 009. Failed to recognize the center line (-1)” or Error RGB..line (-3)

I moved and crop foto in scanner  in all position...

(Cyan lines in the left side)

Scanner  settings:

Rez:1500 dpi

Type: millions of colors

Color corection: OFF



Tone curve: GAMMA 1,80

Brt/contr.: Brightness +20

RGB color 24 bit

File Type: BMP

Brightness must be: Brightness +20 or Brightness –20

I try: Brightness +20 , +19 , +18 , +17, +16, +15, +10, +5, 0, -20….

and nothing changes.

Where I be wrong?

Thanks all for answering !

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The VFP procedure is a bit flakey at times. The image has to be in the center of the paper and it has to be sharp. The technician has a height jig that must be used to adjust focus, it should be placed on a piece of paper to make same as a print. I often found that to get best focus this should be 2 pieces of paper, see below, it may help

All sample prints must be on 8 inch GLOSS paper

The Process must be within acceptable limits. Low CD activity will affect the VFP speed and quality of output.

VFP daily set-up must be performed before and after the uniformity procedure.

The VFP Head must be clean.

All sample prints must be clean

The VFP standard speed is 8 mm/sec

The VFP focus must be good

The VFP head must be in the centre of the paper. Print a Uniformity print and fold the print in half. The print has small dashes to show the centre. The folded print should be within 1mm of the centre line. If not the VFP and paper mask may be positioned too far back. Adjust the rear stop block.


·     Centre line not found. Check centre as above

·     RGB 1, 2, 3 Start line not found. Check Focus, Check density of print. Try making the sample print at 6mm/sec

·     Focus. Print the magenta sample print. This shows 3 small grids and they should be visible on all 3 grids and the same in all 4 corners. It can be out back to front or across the width of the print.

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How can I change VFP speed? How can I make the sample print at 6mm/sec?

Thanks for all.

The speed is giving by the setup. When the light of the tubes is low the speed slows down by daily setup. Normaly you hear this by a strange noise the motor is producing (not strong noise).  I cannot give you other informations about vfp, no experience with it.

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Center is very important, constant refitting the paper mask pushes the mounting block back, and the block will need to be moved forwards and the bolts re adjusted. as I say fold a print in half and the dashes in the print should be within 1 mm of center.

Focus requires a height adjustment jig, its an engineers tool so he should have one. 2 types 4 inch and 8 inch the height is not the same.

It is to set the height of the head from the paper, if it is higher on the front side of the paper, from the back side, also start of print and finish of print.

The Magenta test print shows 3 small grid boxes you may not be able to see the grid but look at it with a Lupe, 2 should be easy to see if its half sharp, with the 3 one you should be able to make out the grid, just...

With the service disk you can go into service mode, its a long time since I did a 26 but in service mode you can also change the speed manually.

Blusther is correct that the finished speed is determined by daily setup, but in service mode you can make slower to get a darker uniformity print and as long as the center is good it will read a darker print better than a light one.

Again this is why chemistry must be good. When uniformity is finished put the speed back to original setting and run daily setup.

No magic formula for uniformity other than what I have listed, I have spent many frustrating hours so I know.

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HI Magenta

Hi everybody

Last weekend I clean all chemical tanks, replace all chemical and air filter, change all chemicals with new and I change the lamp.

I made "Lamp Change..", "Daily setup" for 4" paper, "Emulsion nr change" for 8" paper, VFP setup- color balance for 8" paper and another Uniformity print.

I check the center line- is OK

I think the focus is OK. I don't know how can i made the magenta test print. Can Help me somebody?

What is the service disk? I don't have this. Somebody can send me one disk?

I scan the print and now I have the next error message: "Err 008. Failed to recognize the RGB standard line". - 10 times.

What's that line? What's next step?


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Unzip this file and copy it to a floppy-disk.  This will create your Service Disk.

Follow the instructions (pdf) to enter this mode. When prompted type in 2260.....this will get you into Service Mode allowing you to execute   additional adjustments.  

If you have a stand alone PC you can dowload a small Password Generator application which gives you the correct code for each calendar day. You will find a link to this elsewhere on this forum.,...... but the floppy is OK.

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I know, that it is an old topic but sill maby someone can help me.

At the beggining I had some problems with proper scans of the uniformity prints but in the end I became a master of it ;)

But it doesn't solve my problem with VFP-8. After making a uniformity print, photos are even worse... much worse.

What can be a reason of that?

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I'd try a different scanner. I've used Epson flatedbed scanners with good results.

XP can be problematic with the software, 98 and W2K should be fine.

When you scan in the image make sure you leave a 3-4mm border of white around the image.

The only other thing I can think of is use a old version of Photoshop such as 4 or 5, maybe the new versions are not compatible.

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It is possiable.

All you can do is try another scanner. I remember using a big A3 Microtek scanner, after reading, the uniformity was 10 times worse than before, no matter what settings I used! I then used a very basic Umax scanner, and it worked perfectly.

Maybe scan the print on another scanner in a friends shop, and save the data, then carry out the uniformity process back on your own shop PC. If it works you'll know the scanner is the cause of the trouble.

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