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Noritsu 430L Error message

Mr Noritsu

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Yeh !   Most likely burned tracks on back of PCB. Remove / take out the PCB to check the back.

Economic fix is to

1) cut those burned tracks with a paper cutter.

2) do some bridging with wires. i.e. to bypass burnt tracks

3) sometimes you might need to replace one Solid state Relay on the pc board.

Good luck !

Common problem though.  solder joints become bad contact with PCB age.  

Most severe case you will have burning hole / smoke and fire from the PCB.

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To date, I have:

Replaced all the big fuses.

Replaced main relay X11

Replaced temp detection relay X6

Replaced the whole main CPU board with another one

Unplugged/replugged all the connectors.

The next move is to replace the dryer assy and sensor from another parts machine


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Dave, and everyone.

Thanks for your help, it is now sorted.

Replaced the relay PCB completely, and problem has gone.

I guess this shows why I have been going to other labs who are closing down and getting whatever bits and pieces I can from their machines. I still have 2 more relay PCB's if I need them as well as 4 other main CPU boards.

Thanks again everyone.

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