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6820-16805 error on DLS 3011


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I have a 6820-16805 error on a DLS 3011. When I start in the morning all works fine for 1 or 2 hours then suddenly I get white pictures with thin magenta vertical lines or half picture with these lines and the error message 6820-16805. (digital and filmscanner input) As I have a spare 3011 I changed image processingPCB, digital ice PCB, memories on image processing PCB, laser control PCB with clock pcb's and the LVDS PCI Pcb inside the computer, I also put the CPU from the spare machine but it has some other problems. All this has not changed the problem. I still have it. I don't have this spare PCB for DLS which is put on the image processing PCB but I thought this was only for scanning. I did tests the Noritsu engeneer asked me to do: When trhe problem is there, also setup prints are coming out white with magenta lines but I could burn a CD and all images on the CD where fine.

Anyone can help??

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good eveninig i have at the same problems  my noritsu 3011 but i not dls sofware charge, my recomend is checking this untis

all conector the pcb main board  i my case the message is pcb image processing pcb operation error 6820-16805 and 6820-16801 well so is realy problems

check iamge procesor manual 6405

memory  6404

laser control pcb 6571

hdd unit compact archive 6583

d-ice pcb    6408     in your case this is problems

image procesing pcb power suplly  6801

buffer pcb units 6531

rigth now im checking memory module and replace and image procesor pcb and also is posible que aom driver is faulty , so check the small conector in the aom red box, this conector is power suplly this units . maybe , im trying evething.

if you need the manual service tell me ok i sent to you via e mail

good luck


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OK, just a feedback guys. I got a laser diagnostic software and it told me that green laser is 100% bad when the machine was warm enough,  in cold state it was OK at 80% only. I changed green with red AOM and it still said green laser 100% bad. I removed the laser from my spare machine and I put it in the one with 6820 error and????

all working fine now. Thanks for help and take this as a reference when you get this error. Noritsu staff told me: never happened that laser is wrong with this kind of error message.

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thanks for your support. rigth now still the errror image processing pcb operation error 6820-16801 y 6820-16805 so im trying evething so the problems still, maybe the pcb card is faulty or memory ram is faulty too

maybe the aom driver is bad

im restore the systems again

  i keep in touch

  thanks for you help sr

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