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Pin Stripes on MP1600


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Hi all. We were recently having issues with blacks printing out as grays and steps 15 onwards on paper gamma going solid gray. and yet the paper gamma always came up with "Good". So we have initialized the Paper Gamma LUT and the Uniformity LUT.

After doing a full MLVA setup in service mode the paper gamma seems to have improved quite a bit but we now have Pin stripes going through the prints running parallel to the direction of the transportation of the paper.

i've attached a sample where you can see the lines. I'll put up a high res version soon.

Any help will be much appreciated.


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The thing that scares me about your "pin-striping" is that it seems fairly uniform, and it could be PCB related.

I would suggest waiting for Dave S to answer this question, because it's beyond me.

On our 2901, in service mode, there is a screen for Uniformity

F->Menu->Extension->Setup->MLVA->Paper Specification-> F -> Uniformity (highlighted in RED)

and do steps 2,3,4 (?)

After cleaning our Integrator Section on our 2901, we had to do this because the machine was compensating a lot for all the dust that was there.  We didn't have the pinstriping you have, but it was really bad swatches of light & dark.

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Hi All, We've changed our lamp. And here's another twist to this saga, when we restore the uniformity and paper gamma data from the backup, the pin stripes are gone.

But than we have the old problem where our steps from 15-18 in the paper gamma are solid gray. So I'm suspecting this could be a LUT problem.

I just need to find out why would it print out the pin stripes when we redo the MLVA setup in service mode.

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Hi all...we've pinned down to where the problem occurs with the pin stripes. When doing the MLVA setup in service mode, if we skip the calibrator adjustment step, than no pin stripes. Our quality has improved quite a bit in regards to getting solid blacks. Does anyone has any ideas why the calibrator adjustment step would do this???

My other question is when we try to do the uniformity scan we get an error when the scanner is doing the scanning. I maybe doing something wrong, cos in the manual it shows 4 prints to be setup on the scanner where as when it prints it only prints out 3 with "UP" on it and another 3 with gray steps.

Can anyone please explain me on how this is done correctly.

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What paper are you using on your printer? I have written about this before in other posts. The MLVA head cannot handle a lot of the consumers papers any more because the paper manufacturers have removed a lot of the silver from them . We had this problem and were unable to solve it until a met a Kodak tech support guy at a convention. He looked at my prints and said that this was the same thing that had been happening on their 20LED printer. If you load a roll of PRO paper into your machine and set it up the problemk will go away on that paper instantly. One or 2 passes on the gamma and it will be gone! I switched to Endura it went away immediatley. We then ran Royal and Endura until all the royal was used up. every day royal had blocked up steps 16,17,18. Endura perfect every day.

Are you using noritsu operating software or Kodak? On the Kodakidls setup there are only 2 prints to scan on the flatbed.

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The scanner itself can be a big problem when it comes to uniformity.

I suggest you remove the scanner glass and clean the underneith of the glass.

A second suggestion is to set the scanner software to "revise more" for 1 or 2 passes, then set it back to normal and do uniformity a few times until the problem goes away.

I hope this helps.



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