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Help: Green showing up in print in high contrast


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  Hi, I need some help please. First of all I am not a printer, I am a photographer, but the printers are not speaking English and they are not getting good help from the service company. the printer is a Noritsu QSS37 series and is printing green (visible on black and white prints) in the areas with high contrast (edges, hair, stripes etc.)

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We are running a QSS37, now two years old. After installation we experienced all sorts of problems not unlike your sample images. We were extremely disappointed in the output.

The resolve was an upgrade, both profile and software which did cure much but did not address all. We have had to compromise with individual adjustments in print channels and magazines. The offsets we've applied  make it less obvious to all but the lab staff here.

Not that this techo stuff means much to you, but the "fix" involved Ver 3.0 for EZ Controller + Profile data Vol. 3.0 - Ver N2.0, and QSS printer Ver 7.0 There was a Noritsu factory document specifically describing the implications of this upgrade.

This is the same print engine as used in th Fuji minilabs and they know it as a contrast issue also. Rumours earlier this year indicated they (Fuji) had been working on a fix but I haven't heard of anything coming to suface as yet.

I might suggest you visit this site  http://www.northlight-images.co.uk/article_pages/black_and_white_test.html

download the Greyscale Linerization Test Image and the one above it for Test Strip the which you'll find  about half way down thier web page. Print these on th QSS37.

This will give you an idea as to whether the issues arise from intial setup (Laser)  and more related to profiling and LUT data.  If in the linerization image there is an obvious deviation in any one of the gradients then I'd suspect the latter.

This problem was aslo apparent on QSS3001's a few years back but was mainly related to paper types and specifications which in your case may also be worth bearing in mind.....what paper are they using? Is it identified in the profile data or setup criteria. Black and White was almost impossible to work around. FRENCHMAN's response seems  support this diagnosis.

Anyhow, should give you something to think about and work with. Take the test images to another Minilab and compare their results.

Good luck.

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Thanks very much for your explanations, I hope I understood something. Are some terms which i don't understand, but i will try with some different color profiles for Kodak Endura VC (Y) and Kodak Endura lustre (the metallic one, i think that is the name). btw this are the papers that they use at the minilab. Also I will suggest them to make the upgrade if they didn't do it. I hope this fixes will work, if not I will ask for more help, thanks again.

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Just a further suggestion: You might like to ask the lab operator to check the calibration plate in the densitomer. If you live in a dusty/smoggy environment, then discoloration of the plate can have adverse affects on the Daily Setup and print quality.

To explain what I mean: Standard procedure, each morning the operator should(?) execute a Daily Setup where a test strip consisting of an incremental step wedge from black to white is output and automatically analized by the densitomer against a known reference, the calibartion plate. For all intents and purposes, this plate has  absolute  white and black reference pathces. It calculates a correction factor  for the printer based on the values of both.

If the prints from the processor are dirty.....as can be quite often first thing in the morning, or the cal-plate is dirty....then  you're chasing your tail for the unattainable.

For metallic paper, may require  a dedicated Print Channel be setup and fine tuned.

Dry Creek have a database  of free profiles  for minilabs you could experiment with............


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