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2711 (Lamp burn out error)


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Hi everyone,

  well, what happen is that somehow my lamp on 2711 Noritsu burned out overnight and i noticed after i turn on the Operation switch. Like normally, i replaced with a new lamp. But this time it doesn't work like usual, the error still pops up. I even tried a second new lamp, the result still the same, there goes the error again.  anyone know what's going on? it was never like this before... well, i wanna check if the wire is loose not at the pc board but don't really know where the wires runs to and which "Board" its connection too.  Please help if you have any idea what is going on. Thanks and hope to heard from you soon guys!!!!

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HAve you checked that all the fans are still operating? I had this same problem once and checked the fans. One of my fans stopped working. It was the fan all the way on the bottom on the right hand side of the lamphouse. You have to remove the front cover to see it. My fan problem was the fan right under the advance pcb unit. Check it out and let me know your results.

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As above the fans are very important both in the lamp house itself and the ones cooling the power supply (PS3)

The PCB is situated at the bottom right hand side on the end of the printer near the door into the printer. Its fitted on a tray at the bottom and should have 200V in and if outputting 29VDC it will have LED 23 lit. If its hot it shuts down, but after been off for a long time it should work till it overheats again.  These PCB's are normally covered in dust so start with a good clean, check the fans, output at the PCB and follow it up to the lamphouse, dont forget the lamp house has interlocks that will turn the lamp off but the errors should be different. The PCB has a hard soldered fuse and if that has gone the PCB is normally faulty and it will just blow it again.

Power off at the wall before attempting any of this, please.

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Thanks Mike and Magenta,

I've check the fans and the PCB , they are working fine. But i found that there is power coming into the board but no power going out to the lamp from the board. So, i'm assuming that the Power Supply "model #: NY400POW-P" of the PS3 board is dead. therefore, i've order another power supply already. and hopefully that's the problem.

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