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I ran setup one morn and got a light brown gamma, so I replaced the lamp (was 45%).  I get one or two good gammas, then crap!   If I turn off the processor for a few minutes, I'll get a good print then the next image is crap again.  Examples attached.  Any thoughts? Please.



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Thanks for the suggestion.....reinstalled mp1600 software hoo1, no luck..................

It's funny, I set the printer for 250 8x10's...DLS 3.0 prints 'em beautifuly, but if I start another print, it goes brown unless I turn the printer off and restart it after 2 or 3 minitues, then I can run another 250 (hhavent tried more than 250...I'm trying to print an order for 1,800 from one file.   Go figure....scratch my head.


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