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3001 printer error message


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Hello to all,

I have  a  Noritsu 3001 printer , and I am getting following error when the system is switched on:

Error no: 6054

  " The initial setup was not executed "

what could have gone wrong ? what should I do to come out of this problem.

well, the trouble shooting manual says as usual   " Contact us or your place of purchase" neither of them interesting anyway , so I seek help of experienced  people here.

So guys, help me out . I will be greatly thankful to you and the forum.



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Hello ,

Thanks for all the help. Yes , got the machine set right after restoring  the back-up data though it was two years old. ( I had not taken back up since quite some time ) .

To take back-up on a 1.44MB floppy looks like living in a  stone-age era.

Anyway , thanks for all the help and support.


KVS Setty.

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It still mystifies me why people don't do regular backups.

For the 1 minute of time it takes, the machine can be fully up and running again within minutes, rather than an engineer spending 2 days setting up everything again from scratch.

You are lucky that the data on the floppy disk was still readable after 2 years.

I agree using floppy disks is stone-age, but that is how Noritsu have designed the backup system.

There is no option to backup to any other form of media in the normal customer mode on the current software.

If you use floppy disks for backup, I recommend you copy the backup floppy disk data onto another PC to make sure the data is completely safe and that the disk is readable.

There are some USB pens that emulate a floppy disk drive (INOV8 EXDrive is one I know). What you would need to do is go into the PC Bios and disable the 1.44 floppy drive. Then when you plug in your (floppy emulating) USB pen it will be set to A drive rather than B drive. It should then act like a floppy disk during the Noritsu backup process.

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Here's another possible solution for those with Floppies --- I just found it, so won't vouch for it yet --- It's more expensive than a couple of new floppy drive from eBay but a lot more convenient - it seems.


it seems to be a "knock-off" of this :


@ Dave S : I couldn't find the INOV8 here in the US. -- With our 2901, it needs 4 floppies.  If I disable the floppy drive and add a Pen Drive as drive A: can I trick the 2901 and backup all 4 floppies to a single pen drive ?  and Repeat the process the next day ?

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No you will not be able to backup all 4 floppies on to a single pen drive, as the machine will assume you are still only using a 1.44MB floppy disk, so will see the data written from the first disk and say data already exists, overwrite the data? So you will end up with only MLVA data 3 and loose the rest of the backups! Unfortunately you would have to have 4 USB pen drives (like you have 4 floppy disks) to make it work.

In your case though I would just put the machine into service mode, and do an all data service backup, you can browse to where you want to save the data.

It is only the 2901 that uses 4 floppy disks, the rest only use 1 floppy disk for the backup.

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Our 3202 gives us the option of backing up to a floppy, or any other removeable media including USB.

In service mode it will back up to anywhere, either on the printer, or on the entire network.

We do nightly back ups to floppys, monthly to the C drive on the lab, and full service data backups monthly to another location on the network.

We have only ever needed the floppy drics twice, so they seem to work ok.

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Most of the new kit automatically runs a backup at close down to any location you set.

Most run to C drive but if you need to recover its normally a hard drive problem. I always suggest using the archive D Drive at least its separate from the system drive used daily.

Most don't back up at all because of this, loose C drive = a lot of work to set up every thing again

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