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Noritsu QSF-v30 pomp


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No. P4 is the Fix 1 circulation pump.

Examine the pump impeller and check it is not cracked or swollen. I have also seen the bottom hole wear causing the impeller to rub on the side of the pump, the only solution was to replace the pump.

Also check none of the pipes are blocked, as this will also give you a pump stopped error.

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No! The circulation pumps are on the side of the machine, underneath the chemical filters or above where you fill up the replenisher tanks.

You will need to remove quite a few panels to actually get to the circulation pumps.

The Fix 1 circulation pump is directly below the first fix sub tank (the small tank where the chemical filter is)

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If you look carefully on most machines you can trace the lines from the various tanks and pumps and that way you can vsually identify which pump is which. Also if a pump is stopped it will feel different than the others. either cooler or a lot hotter than all the others . As well there will no vibration from it it it has completely stopped.

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These few pages from the Service Manual will show you the location for all the pumps.

You will find links in previous (and  recent) posts on this forum where you can down-load the Service Manuals in full content.  Hit the 'search' button in the log-in  toolbar  options above.

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