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Editing Noritsu LUT's, where are they!


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We have a QSS 3704, and since day one experinced problems with the shadow areas exhibiting a yellowish cast. Very hard to colour match to our other QSS minilabs on site. Don't know if this is related to there being only one AOM driver for this model as compared to three for our others.

Applying  colour corrections to minimise the visible differences gives us some resolve but it's not quite the perfect solution as everynow and then files with specfic values of grey will posterize (for want of a better word) with a cast. These are very light shadow areas in studio portrait shots.

My question: Does anyone know where the LUT can be found in the OS (Ezi-Controller desktop), AND is is it possible to edit these tables.....after a full back-up of course. We have an ex Konica enginner who has experience modifying LUT's for Konica Minilabs and would like to try his hand at the Noritsu tables.

De-ja-vu: Link to my original post last year


Appreciate any tips,


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Further to the above...had some feedback from a Kodak specialist who advised the QSS 37 has a function to "slave" the setup profile to another master, the difficulty in that being our other QSS's have an 18 step setup whereas the QSS37 is a 21 step.

Any suggestions on how to approach this.

The lab uses Labtricity workflow so the images to all machines have applied profiles rendered before being output to the  Noritsu's.

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You don't say what paper you are using and the LUT are related to this, ie. different LUT or targets for each paper.

Before you step into the murky world of LUT's are you running version 5 of EZ controller and the latest profile and printer software.

They made some major changes to graduation on version 5 and this has solved most of the problems.

The calibration plate is also a problem and you may have to replace that every 4-6 months. yes I know??

the original patches has a rough surface that captured ingrained dirt, as if the got cleaned, it was a wipe down the back of your trousers and back in again. The new ones are smooth but the white base discolours,over time. Heat from the dryer???

Get the latest software and try making a graduation chart with red green blue and black through to white and look for any big steps.

The LUT are in the koki folder but I do not recommend changes till you confirm what table you need to be adjusting

You also have a setting in image quality settings for media of type 1,2,3 type 2 is the default with type 1 been more like the older 31,32 equipment. In the same screens you have the option for colour management, you can turn off the Noritsu generated profile and generate your own. I would go for these rather than the LUT

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