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I also have a 3701 and feel that the input side of things is sooo slow, it continues to hang itself up every day and I just have to leave it for 20 seconds or more for it to clear itself if I'm trying to put a lot of orders through. I was advised that once the machine goes out of contract to simply buy a high end pc or have one built that will be able to cope a lot easier with the never version of the Noritsu software as the Noritsu units always tend to be older and slower. But I l do love this machine, super reliable and efficient with the new interrupt function!

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It may be be virus or an antivirus installed on the PC. It make PC slower. or if you rput PC on the normal network to pull pictures from another PC It becomes slow. Or you just ca Upgrade the PC with new configration with high RAM.

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The 37 HD series and the normal  37 are different machines, the 01 02 &03 are speed variations with a hardware dongle and software.

The Hd is High definition and will print at 640dpi with better graduation over all previous machines been 320 dpi.

As file sizes are getting bigger and machines have moved from hardware to software to manipulate the file for digi ice, red eye, rendering etc. the first print may seem to take time to start printing but it will still print the speeds they say.

While all the dry options are still trying to get to the same quality and price per print of AX machines 640 dpi is a big step forward.

Things have moved a hell of a long way since 1 meg cameras

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On a low resolution camera to 6x4? No stick to 320dpi

The biggest difference is in graduation skin tones but its all a trade off between file size and time taken render before to printing

The ability to print from Raw files is a big advantage but these files can be enormous.

For Pro work its very good, detail in text and virtually no bleed

They are still spending money on R&D that can only be good for all concerned

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noritsu 3701hd vs fuji frontier lp7500, Can someone help me please!!

I want to buy a new mini lab but can not decide .

Somebody told me that  3701hd standard resolution is 320 dpi into 320,highest is 640 into 640dpi.

fuji lp7500, standard  resolution is 300 into 600 dpi and highest resolution is also 300 into 600 dpi. Which one is better and cheaper?

Thanks in advance.

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