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Qss 2611 Printer processor

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Comunication error is caused by XP using 'obsolete' slots and addresses on your motherboard for file handling. unfortunately your 2611 will be trying to communicate with the same slots, ports, and addresses.   Otherwise known as a conflict.

Neil is quite right, you will need an older operating system, if 2000 doesn't do it '98 will.

Sorry mate, there is no way around it.

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Can you be more specific as to the exact error message given?

When you install EZmall you must pick the right machine model, in your case 26 VFP (216dpi).

There will be an error saying serial cable not connected, this is caused by the Change SCSI program, this program is not needed for your machine, remove the change SCSI shortcut from the Windows startup folder to stop this error.

You must set the form channel to AUX 2 on the machine for the PC to communicate correctly with the machine.

Normally you don

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When you first install the EZmall software onto your PC, it gives you a list of different machines to choose from.

If you chose the wrong machine when you installed the EZmall software, you will have to uninstall EZmall then re-install it again to change machine types.

The only setting on the printer processor is having the form channel set to AUX2.

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Dave, i managed to get rid of the communication error, so now when i run EZMALL the print option isnt grayed out BUT, another problem is that now it gives an error that "please set the desired paper(with 102, surface (1), resolution 216" when i click on print. my print channel is 'CH 2[102 (1)*152,wb(omm,omm),(102*152),26VFP,216,216dpi.' how come an getting such an error.

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I suspect the PC is struggling with 320MB of RAM and is probably trying to use virtual memory (hard drive swap file) instead. Or maybe some of the RAM is bad. EZmall is very hungry for RAM, I would say you should be running a minimum of 512MB of RAM preferably 1GB for stable operation.

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am back. i managed to get a new pc with these specs:

Processor: P4 2.6GHZ


Now the problem is that when i click on print (from EZmall2) i get the folowing-

"SETUP NOT COMPLETED YET" - then i click on execute button and i get this error-


    VFP ERROR. [28681-32769]

what am i missing now, and could you please give me the events of what happens after you click print both on th PC and

the Printer Processr

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