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QSS 2701(SI2000+MP1600)  PROBLEM


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Dear All

Please Help me i have a QSS2701 With Si 2000 film scanner last week in some problem

i starts the switch of si 2000 film scanner the error in black boards ...

Award Bootblock Bios V 1.0

Copyright©1998, Award Software,Ine.

Bios Rom Checksum Error

Detecting Floppy Drive A Media

Insert System Disk And press Enter ...

( if I put the floppy And Press enter This Error Comes Again )

insert System Disk And Press Enter ....

i can change the bettry but problem as it is ......

please help me

thanks in advance

please please please help me i am new for this website

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maybe you forget a disk in the floppy drive and upon start up system started reading from it.

if so you may need to upgrade si-2000 .

if you have system disks for si-2000 put 1-A disk into floppy drive while si-2000 is off, then put on circuit breaker.. it will read from it and then ask for 1-B THEN 1-C AND it'll restart and ask for disk number 2.

after upgrade complete you may read your si-2000 backup data if you keep it, if not you have to re setup scanner and print channels.

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