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soln. s-thermo activated


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I just got a used QSF-V30SM and am getting the following error when I start the machine.  <D23-2> FIX1 SOLN. S-Thermo. Activated.

I measured the temp and the built in thermometer reads 28.7 C.

Is this an easy fix or do I need to contact Noritsu for assistance?


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This error normally happens when the temperature in the sub tank exceeds approx 45oC. Measure the temperature in the sub tank and check it is similar to what the machine is reading.

If the readings differ by a great deal they may be a problem with the thermo sensor or more likely a poor contact connection on the thermo sensor connecting plug.

Also check the temperature in the main tank is the same as in the sub tank. If it is not the same temperature the problem is due to poor circulation of the chemistry.

Make sure the chemical filter is not blocked.

With the processor lid closed remove the chemical filter and check if you can see some movement/swirling of the chemistry indicating good circulation. Compare it to the FIX 2 tank.

If there is no circulation, either the pump is blocked, or possibly faulty, though usually if it is faulty it will give you a circulation pump stopped error. You can check the pump status in input check mode.

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