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22901 exposure unit advance hold error


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have just got this error 6053-0002 on the 2901.It does not allow any uniformity tests and head cleaning tests.I think it may mean a new motor,noritsu say they can order one but is fitting difficult?

we can print at present but quality may suffer with no unformity etc.Is there a temporary quick fix

thanks for the help david

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I replaced that exact part about five months ago on our 2901. I'm a truck driver in real life (my wife has the lab), and had the whole part replaced in about 30 minutes. A good trick is to use a dab of glue stick on the hex wrench so the screws won't fall off and disapear in your machine.

we paid about $1,000 for the part, and Noritsu wanted 6 hours labor to have a tech do the job! Just take you time, and you'll have it repaired easily. There is not too much extra wire to play with, so be carefull not to pull too hard on the connectors.


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