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Disabling paper auto mask for CH00, QSS-2301


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Hi all,

I usually do not service Noritsu, but one off my KIS customers also has QSS 2301 and he ask me to take a look at problem with his machine.

Lens deck was not moving, also filters were not moving in output check.

On the end I changed the driver PCB from paper auto mask to lens deck, and for filters it was bad contact on one fuse.

But because all off the channels were set for AUTO paper mask, I set it to none (only some which they are using), and also I had to pull out auto paper mask from the machine.

Now they can make prints from negatives, but when trying to do paper setup, it shows error to put back the auto paper mask.

When I try to change CH00 settings, I could not enter settings for changing the auto paper mask to none, as I could do with normal channels.

I understand that I need service disk to do that.

Any suggestions (beside ordering new driver PCB), or somebody can share with me this service disk for QSS 2301 (if this is the right way to do it ?), one colegue which service Noritsu told me that they are actually only 2 files necessary from this service disk ?

Than You,

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Here's a service disk.  Don't know for sure if it'll work on the 2301.

If you need parts for the 2301, let me know. I'm trying to part one out.  Cheap.

Let me know the part, and pictures of where it is, and what you want to pay.  

Just pay freight plus what you think the part is worth.

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