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Real working scheme upgrade the Noritsu 3001


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Good day or night all PROFI.

Sorry  for the bad english. OK.

Dear experts who have made upgrade the Noritsu 3001, please help me upgrading my minilab.

I would be very grateful to those who help with the scheme.(mother board, procesor, vedeo board).

How did you come to the power supply, which goes to the COM cable to motherboard.

We are grateful to all responded to my request.

Best regards Serghei ;)

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im looking to upgrade as well very soon. as far as upgrading the computer i cant see why it wouldnt work with any type of board and processor as long as the size isnt the issue.  power supply with RS232 connector is sold by NIPRON in japan.  its around $250-300 for 400watt plus which is required for latest p4 dual core models. do a fresh install of windows 2000 and the rest of the softwares. make sure to set all the drivers as well.

anybody wanna add to this?

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Here are some notes I picked up over the years on 3001 PC upgrade.

I cannot say I know how good they are, - decided to accept technology as is rather than risk loosing it completely ......so reader beware ! - Good Luck


Here are notes on PC upgrade

ok, let's start .....

when you open up the case, it contains a Pentium III motherboard and many I/O hardware, cards.

there is UPS power supply for Pentium III MB, it's very expensive but low power loading, I advise to use it, so buy some power saving motherboard and CPU, my 3001 can use only 1 CPU, so I disable Hyper Threading.

There is a system control board as a timer, I will reuse it, so when I get the front panel pin assignment of old motherboard, I can easy to make a DIP convertor to connect it to new motherboard front panel (this DIP convertor can easy fall back to normal during your testing period)

Buy a new motherboard with at least 3 PCI slot. Beware the motherboard size, if standard one, you may need to cut the corner of the Noritsu case (behind the keyboard) with tools, but no harm of overall operation.

There is a COM (serial port) that Noritsu will use, old one is 9 Pin internal to internal, make a internal to External by yourself (very easy, 2 connectors and a flat cable), connect this cable from system card to your new motherboard external COM port.

Ghost old Hard Disk partition to new Hard Disk, connect all motherboard and cards, switch on your PC. Boot it from windows 2K CD, reinstall the windows.

If everything running well, you can start your Noritsu 3001 with new motherboard. If you fail, then reconnect all old parts, sleep well, think again what's wrong on next morning and test it again at night time.

Remap all drive letter as you like or just change it at option registration page.

If you successuflly start new motherboard, change the CDR and Card Reader as well. Change the monitor to IIyamai monitor or EIZO monitor since it's too old. You will very happy with your new setting.

I recommand to use Intel on-board VGA since it much match with your old motherboard VGA output.

Good luck!

MORE ...................................................................................................................

I have worked out the connection details for you.

The pin numbers relate to the connector on the PCB (J390643) with the power switch, reset switch etc on it.

Pin 1 + Power LED

Pin 2 + HDD LED

Pin 3 – Power LED

Pin 4 – HDD LED

Pin 5 Power Switch (not the GND side)

Pin 6 Reset Switch (not the GND side)

Pin 7 GND supply (connects to the GND side of the Reset switch)

Pin 8 +5V supply (connects to the + for the standby LED, can probably connect this to the + side of the Power LED instead. It must have a permanent +5V supply)

The connections on the white plug (CN5) on the J390642 PCB are as follows:-

Pin 4 GND (connects to the GND side of the power switch)

Pin 5 – Speaker connection

Pin 6 + Speaker connection

Pin 9 Power switch (not the GND side, used to switch on the PC from program timer mode)

Hope this helps you.

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AND .................................................................................................................

I have tried to upgrade my 3001 to P4 3.0 today. But problem when i turn on, Serial Comm error - Colorimeter. I have connected the 9 PIN flat cable direct into my new mother internal com port with the same pin assignment as the old motherboard. Can i just use a null modem cable to connect from the J981 or J955 on the system control pcb to the external com port of me new motherboard.?or it must be from P984.

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