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2901, ARCNET communication error( 6901-0010)


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Hi folks

I've replaced 3v battery in the pc nrt-5 because low battery waring on  black colored monitor.

And then I'v got error message '6901' which is ARCNET communication error.

Would you please let me know how to correct this problem?

I'd  already tried  to  reset follow troubleshooting manual book but I couldn't perform.

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When you replaced the battery, you may have damaged/kinked  one of the fibre optic cables on the back of the PC when you pulled it out or it's not seated correctly. If damaged you will need to re-trim the cable.

This pdf  as start point gives you the key to the error messages for 6901xxxx and the location of the pcb's but  the problem may not be a fibre optic cable thought.

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When you removed the Fibre optic cables you may have left small strips of the black plastic outer covering inside the LED receptacle. When removing the cable you must push the black or white outer ring down, before pulling the cable free. If not small metal grippers strip the outer and leave the debris inside. Remove again. Cut the ends with a very sharp craft knife to get a clean cut and try blowing out the socket.

Make sure also that the white marked one goes to a white socket and the unmarked one goes to black. They are also fitted in pairs, one sends the other receives.

Noritsu Tecks use a large medical syringe and a small tube to suck out the dirt from the socket.

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