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Noritsu 3300 and glass slides


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Hi all,

We have a 3300 with an S4 scanner and slide carrier.

Normal slide scans are no problem.

However, glass mounted slides are heavily out of focus.

What is the trick? Manual focus? Is that even possible?



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For future reference:

I just spoke to a tech: It is actually possible to override the AF, but only when the S4 is installed as a stand-alone scanner.

So the only solution is to put the slides in other frames.



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It may be possible to adjust the focus value manually but it will be a bit of messing around. All the slides will have to be the same type/thickness, its a matter of coming up with an offset against a standard mount as the height is adjusted by a reflected lamp of the underside of the slide to account for differing thicknesses.

You would have to be in service mode, change the value up or down till you get it Sharpe, make a note of the original figure and return it when you have finished.

Its out of focus because its seeing the glass, fine come up with an offset.

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