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Noristu 470 BW drive motor has stopped message


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We are trying to put our Noristu 470BW film machine back in service.  On power up we get a "AL4 - Drive motor has stopped" error message and then it follows with film sensor errors.  The drive is working perfectly fine.  i checked all the fuses & plugs and cleaned all the sensors.  Any ideas?


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Check all the connections from the loading section down into the control box, from memory you will have a ribbon cable coming out of the loading box down to the CPU. It often gets chemical run don it to the plug and corrodes the contacts, it all plugs into a small PCB just inside the front cover, behind the lock. Also check all the PCBs have any green LED's lit, they indicate the various power supply's eg 12V 5V etc.

PS the cutter will only work in output check with the drive on and the lid down to stop you cutting your fingers off.

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