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Setting processor speed Noritsu


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Ok, im trying to change processing speed for Fuji DPll paper.

I found the following in menu (service mode):

Extension - Processor Settings - Processor Standard Setting - Drive Motor Recolution Count Setting

There I see one normal and one low speed count.

Motor value normal speed - 216 and around 197,6 RPM

Motor value low speed - 95 and around 141,8 RPM

If I go to Functions I see: Drive Motor Revolution Count Auto Adjustment

But I can't see any place to actually change the values..

Any ideas?

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Oh, well actually its a Fuji Frontier, but its a Noritsu machine and looks like the QSS35xx series, the processor is controlled by the normal Noritsu menu system, we used to have a 2901 so I am familiar with a lot of the settings, but the 2901 did not have a normal/slow speed setting.

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Tech. confirmed today that there is not possible to change the speed, but I really dont trust them.

They have said the same about other things before, but still I found a way to do it..

This value must be set somewhere, in a config file or something...

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OK you say the machine is a fUJI???  The noritsu machines have a function to check the speed of the drive motor that you have found. It is an automatic check with no way to change it.

Once you select your process type CP49E it then shows the two speeds, if you select RA chemistry you will only get the one that equates to 45 sec dev time.

The information I have states that once you select CP49E as the process spec its 22.3 sec in the dev with a process time of 1min 47 dry to dry

It does state that some papers require 31.1 sec in the dev with 2min 29 DtoD

CP47L has a 45sec dev time

From my knowledge of Noritsu machines I doubt that the speed can be changed by selecting a 2nd paper type but give it a go. If it does slow the drive down its related to the profile and paper selected.

You could always trust your tech

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Ok, I'll just use another paper type then seems easier:)

It does slow down when using DPll paper instead of Supreme, but not enough.

The new Fuji machines are infact just relabeled Noritsu it seems (they look identical, except color on the doors) with Fuji UI.


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The speed changes when it detects that a DPll paper magazine is to be used next, it pops a message if there is Supreme paper in the processor: "Printing is paused to switch paper developing time" (or something like that) and it stops printing until the Supreme paper is out of processor then slows down the processor and starts to print DPll.

We are now going to use Supreme Luster paper instead of DPll I think, then we dont have to wait to print another surface because of proc. time, and we hopefully get a more correct color (black is not black on DPll becuase the machine cannot slow down enough to give it correct developent)

Fujifilm EU confirmed to our tech that the LP7100/7200 did not support DPll fully and recommended another paper.

We did not want to use the CA paper, its thin and I dont like it, so I think Supreme Luster will do the job well enough, though I like the matte finish on DPll better than luster.

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