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2901 MLVA reset with a flatbed scanner

Carlos Mayer

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Anyone knows if installing an A3 flatbed scanner I could reset the uniformity of the MLVA of my printer?

Could any A3 printer be useful to do this or is necessary to have a Noritsu scanner?

I guess that some masks are necessary to do this task; isn't it?

Is necessary any particular software to reset the MLVA patterns of the QSS software is enough?

Thank you in advance!

Carlos Mayer

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You can reset the uniformity data using the internal calibrator, without using a flatbed scanner.

First make an all data service backup, so should anything go wrong you can reload the data back in.

The below procedure will remake the uniformity data from scratch.

1.     Initialize the MLVA data

2.     Delete the file unf_m_nai.dat file

3.     Do the internal calibration gain adjustment (3220)

4.     Do the load voltage adjustment (3062)

5.     Carry out uniformity pattern, 2, 3, & 4 (3075)

6.     Delete the "UNF_FB.dat" file. File location C:\Noritsukoki\QSS-29\Data

7.     Copy the UNF01.dat file and paste it on desktop (the 01 in file name means paper type 1)

8.     Rename "UNF01.dat" on the desktop to "UNF_FB.dat"

9.     Move the renamed "UNF_FB.dat" file to the Data folder mentioned in item 6.

10.     Perform the Uniformity pattern 1, Select the paper magazine, select Pass: to Cancel and skip the test print. Start the Uniformity measurement with the calibrator. Press YES key

Check the print quality is ok. If there are still uniformity lines, you will have to use the flatbed scanner to correct them.

Flatbed scanner models supported are Umax Astra 3500, 3450, 4400 or 4500.

You will also need a uniformity jig part No. Z019524-01.

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