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Reverse unit (right) Horizontal operation error


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I have got a strange thing on my QSS 3001 normally has been shown error 6096 Reverse unit (Right) Horizontal operation error. When I opened the paper advance door I saw a smoke on the right side motor P-256 it was too hot and has bad smell like burned wires or coils.

•     I checked all the mechanism of the reverse unit and it was slide freely no obstacles.

•     I checked also if paper was currently being processed.

•     I checked the sensors and replaced it by a new one.

•     But when I check the circuit board which was located underneath of the PC section to the left I got one of the protection Fuses 6.3 A was out. I replaced it by a new one but while I close the paper advance door same the fuse was blow out again. So I suggest that the motor was damaged I replace a new one. I restart the machine and close the door, the elevator operation was done but after seconds same thing happen I saw the error message again and the new replaced motor was very hot nearly to burn as the first one. I did not have wire circuit diagram to sketch and follow the circuit please if anybody can help me to send at least partial sketch of wiring system for the reverse motor unit or if anybody can give me a suggestion and instructions what to do and replace . I really appreciate your help.

My suggestion for this was one of the relays contact point remains close due to the heat generates on the contact points how can I checked if it is.

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